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Concept of Punjab Highway Patrol Posts:

The Chief Minister of the Punjab announced the establishment of Patrolling Posts on the  highways throughout the province on 8th January 2003.The object was to provide security to the people traveling on the highways and improve thana (police station) culture Patrolling Post would be established in two phases 450.The department of Punjab Highway Patrol, Posts was established in the year 2004 by the Honorable Chief Minister of Punjab. It is true that this department is in its early stage but it has achieved its goals and objectives very efficiently and effectively by the grace of God. Punjab Highway Patrol is playing a vital role in fulfilling the dream of the Honorable Chief Minister of Punjab regarding “ Mahfooz Punjab” in order to address the general complaint of insecurity on roads and highways and inaccessibility of police for general public.In District Gujranwala 8 Patrolling Posts are working

                 Uguchack                                     Base 1

                 NandiPure                                    Base 2

                 Sohdara                                        Base 3

                 Chicherwali                                  Base 4

                  Pipliwala                                      Base 5

                  Artaliverkan                               Base 6

                  Ferozwala                                    Base 7

                  Ghumanwala                               Base 8

These post have become operational and others will soon be commissioned. More than 325 constables have been recruited. They receive a special pay package, which is almost twice that of the regular police.